Cloquet, Minnesota

Building Related Permits

Building Permit Application (Residential & Commercial  structural work to include windows, siding and roofing)

Onsite Inspection Card  (Must be posted on the jobsite)

Building Department Site or Plot Plan (Supplemental form)

Additions Requirements

Deck Requirements

Fence Requirements (on all fences 2'6" and taller)

Garage and Accessory Building Requirements - on all structures over 200 square feet.  (If under 200 square feet, a site plan/zoning permit is required.  Call 218-879-2507 for permit.)

Lead Paint Permit Application 

Demolition Application

Electrical Permit  (Building Official checks for Electrical Sticker)
The electrical plan is submitted to the State.  All electrical permits are inspected and the Electrical Code is enforced by the State Electrical Inspector, Jim Killian, who can be reached at (218)851-9648,, or PO Box 326, Esko, MN 55733.  Electrical permits and forms can be found at the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry or by calling (651)284-5064.

Grading Permit Application (for major modifications to the grade)

General Stormwater Permit Application (MPCA) (for graded areas of 1 acre or more)

Erosion & Sediment Control Requirements

Mechanical Permit Application (HVAC)

Plumbing Permit Application (CBO inspects on private property outside of R.O.W.)

Additional Commercial Permits

Commercial / Industrial Submittals (Checklist, Special Inspection Form & Deferred Submittal Form)

Electrical Permit  (State Permit)

Plumbing Permit  (requires State approval)

Public Works Permits

Excavation Permit  (required when contractors work or dig in the street or sidewalk  to repair utilities)

Hydrant Use Permit
Right-of-Way Occupation Permit

Utility Permits

New Water/Sewer Service and/or Taps  (Water Crew inspects utility projects at the main or in the R.O.W.)

Septic Permit (Carlton County)

Constructing a New Water-Supply Well in MN

WLSSD Sewer Capacity Availability Fee (CAF)

Zoning Permits

Procedures Application
Administrative Adjustments Application
Conditional Use Permit Application
Final Plat Zoning Permit
Planned Unit Development Zoning Permit
Preliminary Plat Zoning Permit
Rezoning Land Application
Signs Sign Permit
Site Plan Review Application
Vacation of a Public Way Zoning Permit
Variance Application
Wetland Permit  
Zoning Ordinance Amendment Application
Zoning Map  

All documents are in a PDF format.  In order to view them, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.   To download the reader click here.

Fee Schedule